It connects the connective tissues in your upper thigh to your torso and hip. Stand with the right foot in front of the body, and lunge down as if to touch the floor with the left knee. With arms out to the side, move legs outward until the bottom of the feet touch, keeping the knees bent. An MRI allows your physician to assess for abnormalities, injury, or inflammation of the various soft tissue structures within the inguinal region. Depending on the severity or type of the strain, there are specific stretching exercises to help strengthen the ligament. It is a group of tissue fibers banded together, running through the pelvis and stretching from the external oblique to the front of iliac spine. An inguinal ligament strain can also be caused by the pressure applied during the changes of a pregnancy. Anterior nerve entrapments: Obturator: For instances of inguinal pain caused by neural entrapment, your doctor may recommend a nerve block. I still get a little pain on the left side, but nothing horrible at all, just enough to make me paranoid. I started back doing things too early. The actions of kicking, sprinting, and turning can create an environment of strain that eventually leads to tears, and possibly force the muscle to work itself away from the ligament. 28 years experience Fertility Medicine. Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***. The inguinal ligament is often incorrectly referred to as a Fallopian ligament or Poupart's ligament. It plays an important role in preventing the intestines from projecting out from the groin area, offers support for the external oblique muscle in the abdomen and the soft groin tissues, as well as provides joints and bones with their range of motion and stability. It is also not uncommon for a physician to request a urine analysis to examine for possible urologic conditions. I'm male and it's a right side inguinal hernia, low down. The Femoral Nerve The femoral nerve is the largest branch of the lumbar plexus, being composed of the posterior divisions of … Round ligament varicocele may resemble inguinal hernias. Australasian Radiology (Abstract, Jan. 2007) – Inguinal Endometriosis Attaching to the Round Ligament. Causes for Medial Knee Pain Cycling Cleat positioning Groin pain is one of the most frequent complain in athletes and is involved in up to 6% of all sports-related pathologies 1 and 4% of injuries in professional soccer players. Ng, N., “Workouts For The Inguinal Ligaments,” Live Strong, June 10, 2011;, last accessed April 28, 2017. This ligament arises from the anterior superior iliac spine, which is the forward-facing border on the top of the iliac bone, the butterfly-wing-shaped bone of the pelvis. This is even more so the case when a sports hernia is present. Using a stationary cycle, station the seat at the lowest position and resistance level. Those who are at highest risk for this type of pain include those who participate in sports that involve: The most common sports that can lead to inguinal pain include football, hockey, and rugby. It is formed by the free inferior border of the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle which attaches to these two points. Perform straight-leg raises by pulling the leg toward midline and then, away from the body. Surgery was successful in returning these athletes to sport: 39 of 42 (93%) athletes with groin pain and inguinal hernia became asymptomatic. The Inguinal canal is the region between the abdomen and inner thigh, through which the testes (or the round ligament in females) descend during childhood. Top Articles Strong and Injury-Free Physiqz is dedicated to maximizing strength and athletic performance through the use of proven, unparalleled training methods–all while staying free of injuries through an intelligent physical therapy approach. The inguinal ligament is a tough fibrous band that supports the groin region and helps to prevent the intestines from protruding into the groin. Medial collateral ligament (MCL) The MCL is a ligament that goes from the inside surface of the upper shin bone and attaches to the inner surface of the bottom thigh bone and is responsible for keeping the inside of the knee joint stable. Despite the name, there is no actual herniation that occurs. The patient is placed in the supine position and a slightly S-shaped incision is performed across the inguinal ligament just medial to the anterior superior iliac spine. Grade I indicates the inguinal ligament strain is mild enough not to affect movement of the region, but does offer slight pain and discomfort of the groin region. Groin stretches should also be performed five times each day with holds lasting 30 seconds. Sign Up for the Latest Health News and Tips, Home » Pain » Inguinal Ligament Pain: Causes, Symptoms, Stretches, and Treatment Tips. inguinal ligament pain. A grade I strain will require regular exercises such as walking to gently work the ligament to promote flexibility. Always talk to your doctor about the appropriate treatment for your inguinal pain. A strain can range from mild to severe, and characteristic inguinal ligament strain symptoms include discomfort, pain, and sometimes a popping sensation in the pelvic region. Hello. In: Wein AJ, ed. Groin pain can be directly related to the psoas major through the inguinal ligament. This can present severe pain in the region, and is common in athletes in football, tennis, rugby, soccer, and hockey. IT band pain in the knee (stabbing pain in the side of the knee) may also be from a saddle that’s too high. When an inguinal ligament strain is diagnosed at this level, there is usually no possible movement of the lower extremities. A sports hernia is also referred to as a groin disruption or Gilmore’s Groin. The inguinal ligament is formed by the external oblique muscle aponeurosis and continues to be […] For instance, excessive strain on the inguinal ligament, which is the ligament that provides support to the sensitive groin region, is most likely to cause pain in the groin region. Follow this exercise for internal and external hip movements. Evaluation of the urologic patient: History, physical examination, and the urinalysis. Repeat 10 to 12 times for two sets of repetitions. Because of this, it’s important that you always talk to your doctor. This can help correct any imbalances and strengthen your muscles to prevent further injury. This medical condition happens when tissue in the inguinal canal becomes damaged from repetitive movement or twisting. Currently, there is very little known about the true incidence rate of inguinal injury and pain within the general population. I'm male and it's a right side inguinal hernia, low down. Dr. Gerard Honore answered. If you are experiencing groin pain on your bicycle, you need to check your bike fit and check your saddle for potential problems. The inguinal ligament also helps support the external oblique muscle, the tissues of the groin, and keeps the intestines in their proper location.