[4]:6, In the case of urban land, after the nationalization of industries and companies in the early 1950s, it was deemed state-owned, although not legally stipulated for a long period of time. It’s not strange, as it has some of the most efficient systems and the lowest taxes in the world. This is similar to countries like Bangkok and Cambodia, for example. [47], While critics may be skeptical of whether the new enactments clarifying the issue of collective ownership will make a difference, such changes are still welcomed as signs of increasing protection for the rural villagers. You’re not obliged to follow a standard format when making the tenancy agreement. [3]:354–355[4] :17 Under Nationalist rule, the private sector owned most forests. I accept that this form collects my name, email and other information that may be forwarded to a real estate agency or other relevant agency (read our. However, if you’re a permanent resident and a first time home buyer, you only need to pay an AVD as shown in, The rates for non-residential property (i.e. – 20% as allowance for maintenance, + HKD 96,000 * 15% = HKD 14,400 – 20% of the allowance for maintenance and other related purchases. By minimising the business interests in the expropriation procedure, incidents of forced expropriation might be reduced.[33]. Land can only be leased on a freehold basis, but there are units that are sold on a freehold basis. Required fields are marked *. This was laid down in Party regulations promulgated in 1962 (the Sixty Articles)[4]:6Freedom in the private use (not ownership) of land shifted various times. Since Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR a.k.a Hong Kong) retained separate legal system from the People’s Republic of China (PRC a.k.a Mainland China) but sovereignty falls into a part of Mainland China, the entitlement of Hong Kong permanent residency in Hong Kong immigration law has certain points of correlations with Nationality Law of PRC. Also, there’s a cap set to HKD 4,000,000. [46] Also, such rules may be disregarded by the committees or councils due to lack of enforcement. Chinese law does not stipulate whether the former production team is still the legal owner. There’s a reason why it has one of the world’s most expensive and most overvalued real estate markets. After the Chinese Communist Revolution in 1949, most land is owned by collectivities or by the state; the Property Law of the People's Republic of China passed in 2007 codified property rights. In 2004, it amended its 1982 Constitution to include that the Government has to pay the person compensation for expropriation (征收) or requisition (征用). Firstly, you should know what financing options you have. The extradition crisis and some of the highest property prices in the world are behind a rise in applications by Hong Kong residents to emigrate to countries such as Canada and Australia. However, the bottom line was that the entire imperial era was seen as one of stagnation, during which "the system .. remain[ed] basically the same for the whole of imperial history". All the land destined for public purposes is owned by the government. However, this right has to comply with laws and social morality. This has led to abuse by government bodies, especially in rural areas. [26] Regardless of the method by which the land use rights is granted, a contract for grant of land use right, or more commonly known as a land grant contract, must be entered into by the land user and the local land administration authority or municipal governments at or above the county level as grantor.[27]. Search for real estate and find the latest listings of Hong Kong Property for sale. According to a report released by CBRE, houses now average at more than USD 1.2 million, resulting in locals that struggle to buy new homes. Prices tumbled as much as 70% in some areas but the market finally started to recover after 6 years. Forms of security rights include mortgages, pledges and liens. Technology is catching up in the real estate market for sure. use rights of rural infrastructural land; expropriated for roads, railways, bridges, etc. Hong Kong property prices is through the roof, alot of people know that. BEIJING (AP) — China lashed out at the U.S. on Tuesday over new American sanctions against Chinese officials for their actions in Hong Kong, along with the sale of more U.S. military equipment to Taiwan, moves touching on two of the most sensitive issues in the increasingly contentious relationship between the nations. To make the leasing process as smooth as possible, I recommend you to let your real estate agent handle the tenant screening and the management of tenants. At this stage, your property lawyer and agent will help you make the Formal Sales and Purchase Agreement. In Hong Kong, Goldman Sachs , J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley are in the process of delisting a combined 500 derivatives.The banks consider … A local billionaire who bought nearly 300 properties managed to buy additional properties worth HKD 1.4 billion through his company. When you’ve found an agent, you should assure that he or she has a reputable track record and is well-versed in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin, depending on your needs. [38], The Land Administrative Law provides five situations under which land use rights may be withdrawn:[39], The rights holder is entitled to "appropriate compensation" in the first two situations. [45], While the Property Law enacted in 2007 provides some legal leverage to prevent the abuse of power by village councils, it remains to be seen if legal remedies are accessible or are even used by the villagers. A deposit is an amount that you will pay in cash to buy a real estate property in Hong Kong. [4]:6, China's Land Reform (1950-1952) was one of the largest examples of land expropriation in world history. The issue by going for this option is that foreigners cannot own more than 49% of a limited company in Thailand, except for US-citizens. The real estate market has been hit hard in Hong Kong during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hong Kong … Given the significant affordability of property in the UK compared with Hong Kong, some BNOs may even consider buying multiple properties; one for personal use and one for investment. – Rates paid by owners You can find much information about realtors on EAA’s website, they also have plenty of other practical info, like FAQs. [40] As the state owns the land, compensation is not made for the loss of the rights holder's land use rights,[41] but for the private property which he had lost. [25], The land grant contract must be signed. Although these new regulations relate to urban land, the legal principles established have significant implications for the rule of law in China. In the era of Deng Xiaoping, a fundamental legal source of the regime of property and property rights in the PRC lay in the Constitution of PRC enacted in 1982. Global companies such as JLL believe that prices will fall as much as 10% to 15% in 2020. Hong Kong residents can buy houses in China of course, but subjects to rules and regulations applied to non-locals, that includes higher stamp duty and those things. An investor who wants to invest or develop land or property in China must bear in mind China's property laws, most notably the property law introduced in 2007, which for the first time protects the interest of private investors to the same extent as that of national interests. Some of the documents you need to bring when applying for a property loan are: When you’ve secured your financing and got a pre-approval of your loan, it’s time to find a realtor. It’s not the performer in terms of rental yields whatsoever, but there are other countries that might be more suitable if that’s your preference. Even if prices reach record high levels, Hong Kong continues to be an attractive spot for overseas investors. It can harm neither public interests nor the legitimate rights and interests of others.[9]. You should pay the deposit at the submission of the Provisional Agreement (PA). In addition to the AVD, the government has introduced a Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD). Thereafter rural private land ownership was effectively abolished through Land Reform, which left land in the hands of the state or the collective. Still, the government has introduced new regulations as late as 2018, something that can determine whether Hong Kong is a no-go for you. They issue licenses and take care of complaints against real estate agents, among others. Below you can find some commonly asked questions and our replies. How difficult is the property purchase process in Hong Kong? But so long as you can foot the bill and the property is for your own quiet enjoyment, there’s no stopping you. Optional: Receive free information about projects in Vietnam, Optional: Receive free information about projects in Thailand. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The Chinese authorities are empowered under the Constitution and various statutes[31] to expropriate land use rights contracted to individuals as well as ownership rights from collectives.. Cushman & Wakefield, on the other hand, believes that prices might drop as much as 20%. Usually, your lawyer or agent will communicate with your bank to make sure that the money is transferred from your account to the seller’s account. Non-resident foreigners, on the other hand, must pay down payments of around 40% to 50%. For example in Shanghai a foreigner is supposed to produce tax receipts to the local authorities for 12 of the past 24 months and you must be married in order to purchase a house. [20] The Law of Land Administration and other regulations will apply to the attainment, exercise and assignment of the right to the use of residential land. Before finalizing the payment of your property, you need to confirm the final mortgage amount that you can borrow from the bank. However, different interests might be registered under different registries. There are generally no restrictions for foreigners to rent out properties in Hong Kong. Rights to riverbanks and riparian rights not legally determined), Determination of provincial-level boundaries, Ownership and use of fisheries and beaches, Ownership and use of oceans/seas within national territories, Note that the symbol "X" denotes a historically grown situation, not legally stipulated. Foreigners, including Hong Kong and Macau residents, are limited to buying one residential property for self-occupation only. Suggestion: Watch the 5 minutes video tutorial before reading this article, Do you plan to buy property in Hong Kong S.A.R.? Farm households negotiated contracts under which they had to deliver grain quota to the state at low fixed prices. How can a Hong Kong resident or foreigner dispose of a property in mainland China? One, you cannot ever truly own property in China whether you’re a foreigner a local. This is common in Asian countries and regions, including mainland China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Obviously, the average resident cannot buy a property 100% in cash. The description below applies to the post-reform legal arrangements and should not be confused with nationalisation of property before 1978. Article 6 provides for a general registration requirement in the cases of creation, modification, transfer, and elimination of rights to immovables. With that said, some believe that the Hong Kong market might see a similar upswing as after the Sars period. Real property rights in China can generally be grouped into three types. For example, nowadays you can view properties online by using VR. Your email address will not be published. If your income comes from Hong Kong, Midland offers loans up to HKD 4,000,000, covering 50% of the total property value. Before 1958, when rural China was organized into huge administrative units—the people's communes—farmers were allocated small plots of collective land for their own use (ziliudi). [13], The right to use of construction land is only with regard to State-owned land, and the owner of the right is able to build buildings and their accessory facilities. Truth be told, I’m even surprised that you can apply for a property loan as a non-resident foreigner. The loan conditions differ depending on if your source of income comes from Hong Kong or not. Before you engage in Hong Kong’s property market, it’s important that you learn about the market, the buying process, prices, property taxes, and more. [4]:67 Newly accrued land along rivers, creeks and other waters – so-called riparian rights – was clearly designated as state property, and the Qing government repeatedly emphasized this in imperial edicts. [51] However, in 2011, the Chinese Government released regulations clarifying this, which promise to provide more transparency and a fairer compensation system. : Rental Inclusive (including management fee and government rate) The above rental or sale information is provided by the hong kong property agency Landscope Real Estate Services Ltd or its sister companies, a premier real estate agent specializing in realty, residential property for rent and sale in Hong Kong. It was not until a speech by Mao in 1948 that a moderate stance was taken once more. The lawyer can help you to check the title deed, confirm if there are any mortgages or encumbrances on the property, help you in the communication with the seller, and more. It’s not strange that Hong Kong investors flood to Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh as real estate prices are totally on the other side of the spectrum. I generally include information about buying processes in my guides, Hong Kong is not an exception. Click here to get in touch with an experienced agent. Buying Bitcoin in China Summary Due to the clamping down of the Chinese government on cryptocurrency related activities, buying Bitcoin within China is only possible on peer-to-peer basis. This will leave plenty of room for overseas investors who look for property in Hong Kong. Fill in the form to get connected with a real estate agent in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand or other countries. You’ve might read about the tender process that’s held yearly by the government and where the highest bidding developers can get hold of land plots. It Just Got Harder for Chinese Citizens to Buy US Real Estate Plus, a bombing in Laos, ‘hurting China’s feelings,’ and the case of the missing booksellers. Yet, according to the Basic Law, the leasehold agreements can be extended beyond 2047, in case the leases were renewed after 1997. However, there are some limitations to foreign ownership, for example, to the ownership of land. You need to live in Hong Kong for at least 7 years to become a permanent resident. Since all land is owned either collectively or by the state,[32] expropriation of rural land only requires the withdrawal of land use rights for the reason of "public interest. Some expats try to get RMB out of China through Hong Kong. Evidently, the Chinese play a big role in the market as we saw a correction of around 10% during the first quarter of 2019. Process When Buying Real Estate in Hong Kong, Your source of income (which should preferably be in Hong Kong), HKID or passport of borrower (and guarantor), Temporary Sales Agreement (for new purchases), Latest 3 month’s payroll record (bank statement), Latest repayment schedule or latest 3 months’ mortgage repayment record (for refinance), Your name and HKID number (or passport number), The seller’s name and HKID number (or passport number), Information related to instalment payments, Information regarding encumbrances and liens, If you’re a permanent resident (HKPR) and a second home buyer, you’ll be charged a flat rate of 15%. It is not difficult for a … The Hong Kong Controversy and Buying Land in China One of the most ruthless regulations in Hong Kong is that foreigners are not allowed to buy, lease, or inheritance land in Hong Kong, but you can “buy” land in mainland China. Read hundreds of articles and expert interviews covering Asia property taxes, foreign ownership rules, projects & much more. The introduction of tighter lending policies and an increased Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD) in April 2018 had some effect, as prices started to fall during the second half of the year. Article 10(2)(l) requires a unified registration system for all real property rights, but this unified system is currently only adopted in tier one cities[30] like Beijing and Shanghai. The first deposit is called ”the Initial deposit” and usually 5% of the purchase price. However, the requirements vary from region to region. Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong were the next most expensive areas for renters, both with average monthly rental costs of more than $2,700. Getting money out of China Via Hong Kong in 2021. You’ll be sure to find plenty of agents in Hong Kong and there are almost 40,000 agents registered there at the moment. This system has been bashed on for a while, as prices have skyrocketed. They got attention in the media when offering up to 100% mortgage loans to locals, with no requirements to pay any down payments. Some examples are mortgages or restrictions to use the property. Be sure to discuss with a local branch directly as regulations change over time and to get all relevant details. The country shall protect in accordance with law citizens' private property rights and inheritance rights. After the tenant has reviewed the land search and you’ve agreed on all the terms, such as the rent and the rental period, you need to create a Provisional Agreement (PA). It might cost you some extra money in the short term, but it can save you a lot of money in the long term. The most recent development would be the enactment of the Property Law in March 2007 (after 14 years of debates), which is noted as one of the most important core components of the evolving civil law in the PRC. This might seem low considering the high costs when buying real estate in Hong Kong. To sell a property, local and foreign owners, including Hong Kong residents, are … However, the article neither provides, either in the constitution or in any subsidiary legislation, for the quantum of the payment, nor does it stipulate that the payment must be proportional to the size of the land. If your income comes from abroad, property loans are capped at HKD 3,000,000. The government even plans to build an artificial island to counter the problem, a project that will cost as much as USD 80 billion. Even if Hong Kong is one of the most multicultural financial hubs in Asia, it’s sometimes difficult to find residential real estate agents in Hong Kong. However, Hong Kong is not open to Afghans, Albanians, Cubans, North Koreans and Chinese from the mainland (unless they are permanent residents in another country). In China, there is no unified official procedure for the rules on the registration of land-use rights and the ownership of property. All lease agreements were supposed to finish in 1997, just before the UK was to hand over Hong Kong to mainland China. The Great Leap Forward (1958–1962) forced the central leadership to decentralize land ownership from the commune to the production team. However, Article 70 of The Property Law allows for ownership of exclusive parts within an apartment building, which endorses the individual ownership of apartments. When you’ve found a property that you like, checked the title, and agreed on the price with the seller, you need to pay an initial deposit. Let’s have a look at the taxes you need to pay when buying, holding, or selling real estate in Hong Kong. The surplus grain above the quota could be sold freely at private markets. On August 3, 2018, the State Council announced that residents of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau (‘THKM’) will no longer require work permits to work in mainland China. Yet, your source of income should preferably be in Hong Kong and the maximum amount available is capped at HKD 3 – 4 million and LTV ratios of 40-50%. Finding realtors online is the most common practice nowadays, at least among Western buyers. As it speaks, the buyer pays the stamp duty. [44] Peter Ho has demonstrated that one of the unresolved issues is the level of collective ownership. In the process, between 200–240 million acres of arable land were redistributed to approximately 75 million peasant families. The agreement should be reviewed and signed by both yourself and the seller. Give the banks a call and get detailed up-to-date information regarding: Keep in mind, you need to go to Hong Kong and book a meeting with a local branch in order to get a loan. At this time, the tenant will pay a deposit and sign the PA. However, there are some limitations to foreign ownership, for example, to the ownership of land. This register is proof of ownership. Some of the agents I’ve found during my research and that you should consider contacting include: You can also find smaller foreign owned estate agents on places like Lantau Island, for example, HomeSolutions. It is almost impossible for a foreigner to get a mortgage without a Taiwanese co-signee/guarantor, and even then it can be hard. [10] The obligee may not intervene in the exercise of rights by the owner of the usufructuary right. Even if some leases will expire by 2047, there’s an assumption that these leases will be renewable, free of charge. The BSD is applicable to foreigners, but not to permanent residents (HKPR). Expropriation of land from farmers is the most frequent cause of complaint among farmers.